Don’t link Uzodimma to your political oblivion – By Oguwike Nwachuku

Our attention has been drawn to a recent pitiable interview on AIT where Senator Godwin Ifeanyi Araraume attempted, but woefully failed to blame Governor Hope Uzodimma for the political oblivion he has recently found himself.
The interview which Araraume granted the television station with the intention of burnishing his image has ended up exposing the old habit many people thought the former lawmaker had done away with; which is to assassinate the character of his political opponents with the aim of holding his people hostage.
Governor Uzodimma’s sin is that he supported Frank Ibezim, who Okigwe people in the All Progressive Congress (APC) overwhelmingly voted for as their candidate both at the primaries and bye-election, but who Araraume has sworn to stop by all means.
Having lost the battle to compel Okigwe people to remain perpetually subservient to his political quest as well as to stop Ibezim, Araraume decided to extend his grievance to Governor Uzodimma, even when he knows the governor has zero tolerance for enmity and mischief making.
We are not surprised that Araraume was talking of anti-party activities because Governor Uzodimma worked hard to deliver Ibezim as the preferred candidate of the APC. In the contrary, Araraume’s action from the time the APC chose Ibezim to the time of electioneering, deploying all distractive tendencies from the court, suggested he didn’t want the APC to win the election. He is rather surprised the Party won.
Rather than waste his precious time fighting and distracting Governor Uzodimma, Araraume should go into introspection to find out why the Okigwe people have decided to pitch their tent with a younger Ibezim, going forward.
We are less bothered about Araraume and his ilk who are blind about what Governor Uzodimma has done since coming to office.   They are wired not to see anything good done by any other person, not to talk about their political opponents and that can be nauseating. Okigwe people know what Governor Uzodimma has done for them and they are very grateful.
They have also decided to support his government overwhelmingly, meaning there is not much Araraume can do to change the situation, not even the media blackmail he has resorted to.
While Governor Uzodimma makes concerted efforts to unite the APC, the likes of Araraume continue to fan the embers of disunity, all in an attempt to get at him. But they will continue to fail.
Governor Uzodimma is not in popularity contest with acclaimed political leaders in Imo State who delight in doing the wrong thing, pretending to be saints and the saviour of the people when they are not.
At the appropriate time, the story of who did what in the interest of Imo people will be told and we are not under any illusion that history will be kind to Governor Uzodimma’s administration.
It does not matter how much energy the Araraume’s of the world deploy to instigate protests from association of pensioners, doctors, teachers and other bodies.  That is immaterial.
What is important is that the government of Governor Hope Uzodimma which is anchored on 3R mantra – reconstruction, reconciliation and recovery will not be distracted by political opponents who see everything wrong in what Governor Uzodimma’s administration does.
Truth is that Araraume has been retired from politics by his people of Okigwe and there is no need of blaming Governor Uzodimma for it.
Oguwike Nwachuku
CPS/Media Adviser to the Governor of Imo State,
December 7, 2020.

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