We Shouldn’t Be Taken For a Ride” – Middle Belt Forum Warns

As the struggle for separate identity  continues, the Middle Belt Forum , a socio- political organisation in central Nigeria,  has said that it would not allow the people to be used as a tool in the hands of others.

‘The National President of the Forum, Dr Pogu Bitrus handed down the warning at a meeting hosted by the National Igala/Bassa Christian Elders Forum held in Kaduna, where they deliberated on the present socio- political challenges facing the nation.
Narrating how the Middle Belters became victims of the colonial rulers to the present settings, Dr. Bitrus said if things continued to go as they are,  the Middle Belt would tell others that they are on their own.
“We can not be sleeping and fold our arms in the prevailing situation resulting in divide and rule, manipulation as well as used and dumped “, he said.
While noting that some Elders and religious leaders have compromised, Bitrus said there is a hiden agenda against the Middle Belt, but they would continue to stand firm on the struggle.
According to him, the Middle Belt is endowed with qualities of leadership to lead, but always denied by those who have nothing to deliver at the helm of affairs.
On the recent protests by EndSARS, Bitrus said the Middle Belt Forum strongly supported the stance of the youths and also the commitment of the Forum to strenghten the bond between it and South -South where they have discovered their common destiny.
The common destiny, he explained, is building a new Nigeria with a new constitution and a re-engineered federation in which all their communities would have a fair and equal voice.
Earlier, the National Coordinator of the Igala-Bassa  Christian Elders Forum , Engr Samuel Salifu had affirmed the commitment of the body to continue to identify with the struggle of the Middle Belt Forum to accomplish the task.
According to Engr. Salifu, they want good rapport with the North, but would not accept the status of second class citizens in the land of their ancestors.
The Middle Belt Forum President and his team were accompanied on the visit by the National President of the Southern Kaduna People’s Union, Jonathan Asake

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