Nigeria: Oduduwa Republic Agitators Seeking Political Relevance, Says Northern Group

By Mohammed Ibrahim


Northern Youth Coalition has described agitators of Oduduwa Republic creation as people seeking political relevance.


National President of the northern youth group, Muktar Muhammad who stated this in a chat with AFRICA PRIME NEWS in Kaduna said, the threat by these agitators is simply a move to secure political relevance as part of their 2023 political agenda.


According to him, the unity of Nigeria is sacrosanct and therefore, northerners cannot be threatened.


“For us those making such an empty threat for the creation Oduduwa republic are doing so to achieve a certain political relevance as the 2023 elections approaches.


“We will like to advise them that such empty threats will never give them presidency or any political relevance, because the unity of this country is sacrosanct.


“They better allow Nigerians to choose the next president that will move the country forward irrespective of the region or zone he comes from.


“The Northern youths coalition cannot be threatened by this threat.


This country will remain one entity till when God decides otherwise,” he said.


Muktar further urged peace loving Nigerians to continue to offer their support to Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership and other leaders, as they worked hard to unite this country.


The youth leader also said President Buhari’s administration has done a lot for South West region when compared to northern region.


He also said that President Buhari has appointed so many South West indigenes in his government and yet few unpatriotic among them still condemned his effort with a threat to break up.


“We believe in his economic policies, also the infrastructural development is visible across the geo-political regions of the country, South West region in particular,” he said.


He further urged Nigerians to rejects calls by trouble makers among them who want nothing but trouble for the country as the nation marked 60th anniversary.

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