Ref- “Enough of Gombe South’s Ethno-religious Furore”: Wake Up Call – B.D Tanglang Replies 

Recently one Comrade Yusuf Bala wrote an article titled ENOUGH OF GOMBE SOUTH’s EHTNO-RELIGIOUS FURORE.
In this article the writer took his time to water down all our cries and demand for justice, even to the extent of claiming we don’t even deserve what we are getting at the moment. He didn’t stop there, he went further to issue some subtle political threats against Gombe South.
Someone shared it with me immediately it was released, but I just read it and of course I didn’t miss the bad faith and mischief loaded in the write up. I was surprised when I saw that for the past one week or so, it has formed part of our discourse in every of our groups (trending for the wrong reasons), everyone seem to be in the race to share the write up. To what end are we popularising that fallacious piece? I never thought of doing a rejoinder because it is *NOT WORTH MY INK*.
The writer was used by some big for nothing bigots whose reasoning has been beclouded by sentiment, lacking in political sagacity to know what is and what ought to be. The article is loaded with mischief and total disregard for plurality, arrogance and overestimation of self was what they displayed and nothing more. Instead of using real time accurate facts to support his claims, he was only assuming that they can do without us. *I DARE THEM* to try what they did in Kaduna and they will realise how blind they have been to the realities in Gombe State.
My worry is why our youths keep sharing the post and even making it a subject of discussion in various social media groups. How many times did you share our own posts with such vigor? You are so scared and all you do is cowardly read our write-ups and never want to associate with the voices clamouring for equality and justice. I was surprised to see someone keying into the writer’s line of thought. I expect that the article should open our eyes to the realities on ground as they have let the cat out of the bag deliberately or otherwise.
Lastly, I want every well meaning person to read the article once again and brace up for the battle ahead. We must stand firm and continue to ask for what is rightfully ours without fear of intimidation by anyone. Justice for all
Benjamin Dangoma Tanglang writes from Gombe

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