The Usurpers New Game And Penchant For Evil [Opinion]

By Mai Balla

You will recall that Hon. Rambi Ayala, the Gamzaki of Tangale the first went through a lot from those who seek to steal the mandate of Billiri – East given to him after he won the PDP Primaries at the Billiri Township Stadium. We all know the story of how he had to reclaim that mandate in court.

This group bent on destroying democracy in our society, full of envy and bent on destroying the People’s Honourable have machinated another plan.

The People’s Honourable received a one month ‘suspension later’ lately from the State Executive claiming that he walked out of a meeting of stakeholders of the party as the reason for the suspension. Then they gave a press release given a different reason for giving him the supposed suspension.

We all do not need a prophet to tell us that these people who were, and still are, bent on imposing stooges as our representatives denying the people of the right to choose their leaders are not tired of trying to depositions themselves for more harm in our political space.

We understand that the constitution of the party does not give State Executives of PDP the power to suspend such stakeholders of the party as The President, Vice President, Gov nors and both Federal and State Legislators.

It is important to note that there was no time that the PDP in Gombe State called the Honourable to give him a fair hearing for the porported offence. And the letter of suspension given to him reads 21st July, 2020 while the party constituted the Disciplinary Committee that were supposed to look into the matter on the 22nd July, 2020. This shows clearly that this is just a mere attempt to finish what they started earlier that they could not achieve.

Maybe the People’s Democratic Party in Gombe State have not learnt its lesson from this same attitude that led to their poor outing in Gombe South being its power base in Gombe State for the first time in 2019 elections. Maybe this time we will bury PDP in Gombe State as long as they continue this way.

Unfortunately for these enemies of our collective interest, Hon. Rambi Ayala, the Gamzakin Tangale the first is a rooted grassroot politician who has a great following.

For now, we are watching events as they unfold. The People’s Honourable has asked the party to withdraw this ill – conceived ‘Letter of Suspension’ and tender public apology in that regard. We are waiting to see what they will do.

May the LORD repay the usurpers with shame again.

Curled from Facebook wall of Mai Balla on 27th July, 2020 @14:00 pm


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