We Have Robust Relationship Between Executive and Legislature In Kaduna – Chawazah

Member representing Chikun Constituency at the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Northwest Nigeria, Ayuba Ishaku Chawazah has said there is robust relationship between the House and the Executive Arm that would enable him bring dividends of democracy to his constituency.
The Lawmaker was speaking while hosting executives of Sabo GRA, Southern part of Kaduna metropolis, at his Constituency office in Sabon Tasha, on Thursday where described the GRA as a Shining Light In Chikun LGA .
The Lawmaker commended Residents of Tsaunin Kura Residential Area (Sabo GRA) saying the people are one of the communities in Chikun Local Government Area that remains united that must be  reckoned with.
“Most of the times, the people of Tsaunin Kura GRA don’t wait for goverment to do things for them.
“I have seen feeder roads constructed by the community, it shows you are supporting the Government,” he said.
He recalled that  two weeks ago, he received  letter for the visit and he was delighted they came there.
“I appreciate you for coming and visiting this office and choosing me for this award.
“I am indebted to the people of Chikun Constituency.
“Looking back at the election, we were voted massively, the only thing we can do is to give back.
“I cannot run away from the people because I am a man of the masses,” he said.
Speaking further, he said that Chikun Constituency is the largest in Kaduna Assembly in terms of population and it can be the largest in terms of yearning for projects.
He informed that  a robust relationship exists between the Assembly and Kaduna State Government adding they will push your challenges to see if some could be taken care of.
“I also want to assure the community.of maximum support. If you have any project you are undertaking, I will.give you maximum support.
“I am willing to serve you if the people  give us another term,maximum support,” he added.
Speaking earlier, the President General of Tsaunin Kura Residents Association (Sabo GRA), Comrade Silas Adamu said that in Sabo GRA ,they have bad roads and drainages, resulting in collapse of houses.
“We have light problems. Most efforts we have received are self help from public spirited individuals.
“Recently, an individual donated a transformer that has reduced the load. was grateful for him granting the opportunity to interact,” he said.
Speaking further, he said, “You exist in distinction if you remain addicted to the people we have decided to honour you with the title of the Star of Democracy.
“We wish you the best and pray it remains so, we have pledged to give you title, Pillar of Democracy at end of your tenure,” he declared.
He advised the lawmaker  to always ensure he remains close to the people.
“Most times, political class come begging for votes before election, but disappear to only resurface before another election.
“We have always seem politicians from negative perspective in Nigeria as people without feelings for those who voted them. We know you don’t belong to that category,” he said.
In a vote of thanks, Vice President General, Tsaunin Kura Residents Association, Mr. Joseph Onoja assured Chawazah that they will keep praying for him to be successful.
“We will keep praying for you and pray those working with you will give you good advise, so that at the end of your tenure, good will be spoken of you,” he said.
Others who accompanied the President General on the visit include, Patrick Fumen (Assistant Secretary), Jonah Silas (Treasurer), Appolos Shinkut (Financial Secretary), Cletus Ogbonna Andeh (Welfare Officer), Mrs. Cecilia Dzingina (Women Leader), Jonah Adua Kure (Youth Leader) Emmanuel Zuahu (Auditor) and Jacob Onjewu Dickson (Executive PRO).
He described it as a friendly visit to relate with him and tell him they are his constituents.
We are pleased that you have demonstrated to be a hope for the masses.
As far as the local politics of the State is concerned, you are our representative hence there is nothing we can achieve without you.
You remain the star that shines in your constituents.
You beam the searchlight on your constituents to say this is what they need and legislate on it.
All of us cannot be there, but we send you there to go and bring our share here. We have sent you there to represent and as such, we expect so much.from you.
We are not.here to ask what you.have done, it is too early, but we know there is still time.
He advised those Politicians running away from their people to stop it.
To be addicted to your people is addiction to God. Running away from the people is a harbinger of progress. You have been carried up, God will continue to be with you if you are addicted to your people.

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