Hazard Profiling: CSOs To Train Community Assessors in Data Gathering In Kajuru, Kaduna

Network of Civil Societies in Environment has held a Stakeholders engagement in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State , Norhwest Nigeria, following persistent crisis .
The engagement is aimed at among others,  creating awareness about hazard profiling and vulnerability capacity assessment,   application of hazard profiling and VCA towards mitigating both spewing and brewing crisis in the area.
The Advocacy visit, Led by the Coordinator, Gloria Kasang Bulus, to the District Head of Kufana, Titus Dauda was also to introduce the network and  create awareness about the CSO.
  The District Head who lauded the visit advised the team to be security conscious in  some of the areas they might visit.
The meeting was an interactive session where participants shared concerns and asked of the way out, while others shared the community’s strategies toward averting further losses.
According to the resolutions after the interactive session, the community does not have a good perception of the government and the people are sceptical about government motives.
The resolutions say the people were willing to speak and share concerns and need access to platforms.
It therefore stressed the need for the setting up of  cross- learning sessions for communities to share their practicable techniques.
It requests for the nomination of four persons from villages to be trained as Community Assessors to gather data for their individual villages.

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