Reprisal Attacks Major Setbacks in Crisis Management – Group …recommends Dialogue As Panacea

From Amos Tauna :-
Reprisal attacks in a crisis situation has been identified as the main cause of most killings and destruction of properties in most parts of the country.
Innocent souls have also been observed as the major victims of such attack which they  know nothing about .
This was the submission made on Wednesday in Kajuru, Kajuru local government area of Kaduna state , Northwest Nigeria by the Country Director, Global Peace Foundation Nigeria, GPFN, Rev.John Joseph Hayab while
addressing Ardos and Adara community leaders affected by the recent killings and destruction of properties in the area.
According to Rev Hayab “Until we begin to evolve dialogue as the only alternative to our differences, we will continue to cause major setbacks among ourselves at the slightest provocation. We should learn to respect and value one another as people created by God by feeling for one another.”
 “We are all one family created by God, and so the need to love and live in peace with one another through dialogue is the only weapon we should use to forge ahead in order to put to shame those out to cause confusion in our communities.”
Rev. Hayab observed that when people created in the image and likeness of God begin to fight, they begin to loss the value of their creation which is to communicate and understand one another for a better society.
He stressed the need for man to begin to live differently from the way animals live by caring for one another for the purpose of their creation to be fully achieved.
 The purpose of gathering the community leaders , he said, was to cement their relationship and ensure they fully sensitized their subjects with the message of love for a permanent solution to colossal loss of lives and property that have been wasted as a result of the attacks that happened in the area.
Also contributing, the Northern Coordinator of the NGO, Sheikh Haliru Maraya, lamented that of all God’s creation, it is only man that easily kill his fellow man at any slightest provocation.
He enjoined the people of Adara land to shelve their swords and take the path of peaceful coexistence that give a better sense of living according to the original purpose of God in the life of man.
Most of the leaders in the meeting called for better understanding and the need to give peace a chance for peaceful coexistence that the local government area is known for years.
The Global Peace Foundation Nigeria is a Non-Governmental Organization that promotes innovative values-based approach to peace building.

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