COVID-19 Palliatives : NASFAT  Targets 3000 vulnerable People …Donates Face Mask to Journalists

By Zainab Tanimu  :-

About three thousand members and non members of NASFAT Kaduna  Branch, Northwest Nigeria,  have been targeted to be provided with palliatives and face masks.

Chairman, NASFAT Kaduna Branch, Engr. Muhiydeen Alimi Yusuf disclosed this  during the second phase of the distribution exercise held at NASFAT Village, Kaduna for those around the vicinity of the mosque .

According to the Chairman, the exercise was meant to help cushion the effects of COVID-19 lockdown and Ramadan Fast.

He further explained ,” It has become necessary because government cannot do it alone and more so, the welfare of members has remained the society’s priority.

” We are here today as NASFAT to carry out sensitization in respect to the use of face mask as government had directed.

“Prior to this, we have gone round to give Palliatives, food items to vulnerable members across the city of Kaduna. And today we are here to give free face mask to the vulnerable and needy people  and also educate and enlighten them on how to use this facemask effectively because it is not enough to order people to wear the facemask every public place they are going without knowing how to handle it. It is important that people are taught how this facemask is used.
“We are trying to sensitize them on how to put on the mask on all by themselves. Not only that, and how to maintain it.Our mosque here is located in one of the areas (Hayin Banki) that actually requires this kind of sensitization.
“In spite of what we have put across to support government’s efforts to controlling the scourge of coronavirus pandemic, We have in addition organized special prayers for the entire nation and the whole world at large.”
Engr. Yusuf had advised individuals to comply with government directives as well as  health officials and security agents in order that we get out of this pandemic situation that we find ourselves.
Speaking with journalists, the Zonal Missioner, Imam Marooph said this time calls for sober reflection and a time for everyone to appraise oneself. It is a time for one to go closer to our creator.

“Whatever that happens at any given time is the will of Allah. Whatever situation we find ourselves because of this pandemic, let us all commit ourselves to Allah.
“This period is a lesson, a period of examination. Is a period of test. Allah wants to test us. Allah wants to test our faith so Allah made these things to happen.

“Allah wants us to be patient. Allah wants us to call upon Him. Whoever wants to call on Allah, will need to be patient. Allah is always with those who establish patience in their activities. He  noted .
He added , “This palliative is just a token.  NASFAT is following the tradition of Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW).
The Prophet is quoted as saying, “Certainly, indeed Allah used to come to the help of His servant whenever the servant comes to the help of others.”
Imam Marooph called on individuals to imbibe the spirit of helping one another as that is one way to seek Allah’s mercy.He thanked all that contributed to support the project.
” My brothers and sisters that are here, this is a token  of what individuals like you have contributed to support ourselves in this situation. Collect it in the name of Allah.
May God Almighty guide and protect the entire world. This thing that is happening to us, is only God that can take it away. It has come from Allah and Insha Allah, Allah will take it away from the entire world. He ended.
Planning Committee Chairman, NASFAT Kaduna, Alhaji abdulwaheed Amusa said,”This programme is going inline with our plan. We have provided facemasks to be distributed to members and non members alike. We are working in support with what the government wants. To curtail the spread of this virus particularly the community transmission of the virus.
“We are targeting 3000 people to be given these facemasks. We have already produced about 1000 and we have distributed close to 500.
“We are going into different locations within the town to distribute the other ones. We are doing massive production because as l speak to you, production is still on. It is a continuous exercise until we are able to reach our target.”
NASFAT Kaduna Women Affairs Secretary, Hajia Kudirat Akande has described the lockdown as a very trying period for the family particularly the mothers who would have to work out ways to manage the little resources available to keep the home going.
“As home makers, she had appealed that they remain committed and understanding as it is a very tough period for husbands.It is also necessary that the husbands reason with their wives in other to maintain a happy home. She added.
“I am appealing to our mothers to help manage the home. They have to see how they can manage the little resources they have because most men now are in a kind of tense situation. As a good wife and mother, the little the husband can provide, they should be able to manage so that it can take them a long way. This period calls for property hygiene. She stated

“With the present situation we find ourselves there is need to improve on our level of hygiene. We should try and keep our surroundings clean to curtail the spread of the virus. As mothers try to teach your children how to wash their hands regularly with soap and water, maintaining social distance and all other precautionary measures. We pray that Allah helps us in clearing this pandemic so that we can continue to live our normal life.”
Acknowledging the role of journalists at this crucial time, the management of NASFAT Society donated 100 pieces of face mask  to the Nigeria Union of Journalists,(NUJ)  Kaduna State Council for onward distribution to its members .

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