Nigeria: Promote Unity, Religious Tolerance, Pastor Uye Tells Government


National Evangelist of the Apostolic Church Nigeria, Uyo Akwa Ibom State, and Certified World Wide Evangelist of World Christians Leadership ,USA , Pst. Isaac Uye has been speaking on the need for Nigerian government to practically promote Unity among her citizens ,freedom of speech as well as discourage religious intolerance.

The Evangelist also expresses dismay over the continued political killings and increased crime wave in the country and wants government to intensify efforts in nipping the ugly trend in the bud.

Pst Uye, aforemost Pentecostal crusader pulling over 100,000 worshippers at ago and currently the Area Superintendent of the Apostolic church Nigeria, Oyoku Area, Oron was commenting on national issues in an exclusive interview with Isaac Odeh of the New Nigerian Newspapers, NNN at the Apostolic Church Headquarters Oro , Akwa Ibom State.

N.N.N: Sir, how do you see the present government of Nigeria?

The Government is trying its best I hope the present Government is fighting corruption.

N.N.N: As a religious leader, what can you say of the state of the nation, politically, economically, and development?

May be, the political, economical and government analysts will be able to answer this question.

N.N.N: What is your comment on the political killings in the country?

It is with dismay that till now, the government cannot face the challenges of political killings that continue in this country. It shows that the government is not capable of solving such killing in states and in the country. It is the responsibility of the government to offer maximum protection to lives and properties, hence every trained and active government would put all hands on desk to stop such unrightful killings.

The sanctity of lives should be highly prioritized; it is one of the duties of the government to the society. The government proves its innocence by fighting all forms of crimes and killings. If the government of any country fails to fight crimes and to have regard to the sanctity of lives, it means a government is either involve or not aware of its responsibility to the society.

N.N.N: There is still poverty and hunger everywhere in the country, what can be done to address it completely?

The government should take proactive steps on creating employments and develop entrepreneurship skills, the truth is that government is actually limited to offer employment to all citizens, but a matured government can encourage economic independency by fostering entrepreneurship through professional and provision of financial subsidy or loans.

N.N.N: What is your concern about this country?

It will be my joy to see Nigerians dwelling in utmost unity as the bonds of unity in this country have been marred and derogated, hence an average Nigerian sees other tribes in his or her land as a stranger, hence: the richest failure of this country! I will advise various Government agencies to preach practical unity if they are serious, else a failed state is speeding up as federal character will one day show her last anger.

N.N.N: What is the benefit of your yearly crusade to the people of your Local Government Area and Nigeria in general?

Oh Yes! Very many, about a thousand plus have renounced publicly cultism and the land maintains a bit of peace, a lot of people have received divine healing by the hand of Jesus Christ, the Oro Land was full of violent killing among the youths, by these, peace is rested in the Land making them law abiding citizen of the federal republic of Nigerians. More so, it boast economic of this land, as foreign nationals from another countries coming to always attend the crusade, have also spend their income annualy here.

N.N.N: Sir, why the second coming of Jesus Christ has been choosen as the theme for your recent crusade?

The good Lord has instructed me to preached on this theme and if you are actually attentive to what is going on in the middle east having Israel as a watch mirror, you will know that the man of Calvary, our Lord Jesus Christ is coming very soon, everyone should be prepared, for it shall soon happen.

N.N.N: Sir, can you tell us how much is the cost for hosting such a crusade and source of your income?

Ah ah ah, my crusade chairman is in the better position to answer that question. However, for the crusade materials, I can guess about N200,000,000 plus, the source of my income is Jesus Christ, my salary and my business.

I learned that for planning, hosting, hireling of properties and hotel accommodation, among other logistics cost about N50,000.00

N.N.N: Sir, a lot of people testified to notable miracles, how come about such power like the resurrection of those two children in your recent crusade who died among others?

God’s power is real through Jesus Christ alone, Jesus is the way, the Truth and the live. Supernatural power is real and still available till today. Jesus says in Mark Gospel 16:17 these signs shall follow them that believe ……,. You can best examine from those who were healed from diverse diseases and great illness.

N.N.N: Sir, I have personally seen God’s power is raw on you, how can one have such power?

Jesus says this signs shall follow them that belief in my name: God’s power is real and raw only on Jesus Christ the Son of God! If you belief on him, you can do the same

N.N.N: Finally Sir, what is the way forward for this country?

The way forward for this country is that the government should be fair to its citizens and has good conscience toward governance. Every weapon available should be displayed to fight crimes and killings in the country. Every capable hand should be useful as government tools to render professional service to the people’s protection in this country.

Religious intolerance should be discouraged. Freedom of speech is very fundamental everywhere in the world. It is very disheartening that when other countries in the world are encouraging their citizens to speak their minds, Nigeria is trying to kill the freedom of speech by the so-called hate speech bill. It is very certain that when leaders lose sight on the true state of leadership, they can always show the height of went on displayable in their policy making on the laws enacted.

The youth restiveness should also be discouraged by engaging them in diverse field of discipline for the progress and development of the country, as education is not left out.

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