Nigerians Have Rights To Oppose Wrongs Of Govt -Balarabe Musa … calls For Immediate Release Of Sowore

President Buhari Vs Balarabe Musa


Former Governor of the old Kaduna State, Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa has thrown his weight behind Sowore’s stance against alleged bad governance.

Musa who spoke in an interview on Monday in reaction to the mass protest by Nigerians against government, said that the citizens have constitutional rights to embark on legitimate protest where the federal government is failing in its responsibility of providing good governance.

According to Musa, the Buhari Administration has failed in providing the necessary security in dealing with the challenges and poor welfare of Nigerians, just as he said government has no right to arrest anybody protesting on the state of the nation.

“It is the fundamental right of the protesters to protest peacefully. The failure of the government is the bane of the call for revolution”, he said.

Balarebe who is the Leader of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), condemned the arrest of former Presidential Candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore for leading “Revolution Now” protest against President Muhammadu Buhari Administration, as he called for his immediate release by the federal government.

“Sowore’s action is not treasonable. You cannot arrest any Nigerian who is protesting against the maladministration of Buhari’s government. The right thing must be done to salvage the country,” he emphasized.

He further said that the decision by the Government to arrest those they think they are threat to them cannot be acceptable. “Nigerians have the right to oppose the wrongs of government and poor handling of the country.”

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