Kaduna Declaration: Why Kogi East Rejects Yahaya Bello’s 2nd Term Bid.

Gov. Yahaya Bello


How do you expect the Igala people to endorse a Governor who styles himself as the white lion?

Who has refused to pay workers salaries for upwards of 28 months?

Who goes about boasting that the average Igala man’s wife can be purchased for as little as #6,000.00 ?

Or a Governor who brutally and senselessly boasts that no Igala man can contest the Governorship with him?

A Governor who cannot fix the streets of Lokoja, the State capital.

A young man Governor who has no respect for elders.

A Governor whose antics is known all over the country.

A Governor whose ethnic roots complain daily about his highhandedness.

A Governor whose only Credential is the strange claim that he is the son of Mr. President!?

An Igbira Governor of Kogi State with Fulani father – strange combination!!?

Such a child in Igala is called IFITIMI.

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