Nigeria: Kogi East Says “No” To Ruga

Map of Kogi State, Nigeria


An Elder Statesman, Engr Samuel Salifu has said that Igalas in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria, have Resounded their “NO” stance to cattle colony or ruganisation.

Consequently, “they are telling the Kogi State Government to know its limits concerning Federal policies it imposes on the local people”.

The Elder Statesman stated this on behalf of the people at the Inauguration of the Kaduna chapter of Ukomu Igala Organization (the Voice), an apex socio-cultural body representing the entire Igala race.

According to Elder Salifu, the space given to them in the comity of Nigeria is for them and their children, not for Fulani cows.

Armed herdsman on the field in search of feed

“They are nomads, we are Not “Ruganisation is about carving out of areas in STATES for the accommodation of Fulani cattle rearing – the size of a Local Government Area in every State. By 2050 (I.e another 30 years) the Igala population would have doubled – our youths doubled – we will need double space – if Ruga is accepted in Kogi East, then there will be no space for our future generation – Cows will replace human beings, the available land would not be sufficient for us to cultivate our foodstuffs. As at the present time, the Ruganites have been knocking our doors at Abejukolo, Iyade, Ayede, Ogane Inugu and Ankpa towns “.

The Elder Statesman said the Igalas are wondering whether the National Assembly has discussed such a bill or who funds the ruganisation?

They accused the Federal Government of seemingly enjoying the penchant of foistering confusion and deliberately provoking violence.

“May we remind all and sundry that the Igala nation predates the 16th century as against the Danfodio colonization of the early 18 century.

“The Igalas have never been conquered by the Fulanis and by the grace of the Almighty- we shall never be conquered. Igala is Igala and we are saying NO to ruganisation”, he said.

On Governance, the people said despite some strange National Population manipulations, the Igalas still remain the commanding Population.

“With other stakeholders, Kogi West and Central, we know that we are all Kogites and are always ready to give unto Caeser what is Caesers and to God, what belongs to God. We cannot play second fiddle to anybody neither do we expect Kogi West or Central to play second fiddle to us. We are all Kogites – joining hands to develop and to equally enjoy the Commonwealth of the State,”.


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