Nigeria: Kaduna Trailer Movement Group Kicks Against Exemption Request By NBL



By Joseph Edegbo:

A group under the umbrella of Arewa Progressive Movement for Good Governance, North-West Nigeria has kicked against a waiver request by Nigerian Breweries PLC on Transport and Truck Movement within restricted hours in Kaduna.

The group said its stance against the request was after a thorough investigation into a letter signed by the Public Affairs Manager of Nigerian Breweries PLC.

In a statement made available to journalists, the group said the passionate request by Nigerian Breweries to Kaduna State Government to grant them a waiver allowing over 800 trailers of NB PLC to move around the state on both Federal and State roads at restricted hours is contrary to the laws of the state.

According to the group, if Kaduna has made a law restricting movement of trailers and other trucks on township roads from 6am to 7pm why should the Nigerian Breweries be given a special consideration.

It recalled,” The Kaduna State Government in 2016, had issued an Executive order restricting the movement of trailers and other big trucks on township roads from 6am to 7am. This was to the heavy traffic jam usually caused by these trailers and the recklessness of the drivers resulting in numerous accidents .This according to the State Government was to save lives.

The group further gave ten reasons Kaduna State Government should not go back on its words by granting waiver to Nigerian Breweries PLC.

Among the reasons are: ”That Nigerian Breweries have contributed to the deplorable state of our roads through their heavy trucks .For example, in Nasarawa area near Kakuri ,where one of their factories is located, the youth recently protested and stopped Breweries from passing their roads.

“Their drivers are heavily reckless and always obstructing traffic in town especially around the Kudenda, Kakuri and Sabo express roads, one can check their records of booking with KASTLEA.

“They are not cautious and responsible because their production activities in Kakuri area have polluted the entire Makera area. And the company uptil now has only paid cosmetics attention to that issue.

“That this group will consult Human Rights groups to take the company to a court of competent jurisdiction to challenge the positioning of the companies in residential areas.

”Kaduna State should take a clue from Kano and see the sanctity that has being brought to its roads by not allowing heavy trucks in the day time , Kaduna roads are safe now and we cannot go backwards.

”That the company has over 800 trailers which they themselves cannot control and some are owned by other people so how can one account and manage what he can’t control.

”That the company has never embarked on any road rehabilitation in the host communities as Social Responsibility Projects.

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