Nigeria: Kaduna Clerics Carry Messages Of Peace To Crisis Affected Area

By Ibrahima Yakubu

A team of Imams and Pastors has visited Maraban Kajuru community in southern part of Kaduna state, North West Nigeria as part of steps towards promoting peaceful co- existence among the residents irrespective of their religious and tribal differences.

Leader of the team, Pastor Yohana Buru told newsmen that the team comprising  Islamic and Christian scholars was in the area to sensitise the people on the need to embrace Peace, while the youth should shun violence,

Buru explained that the peace campaign was targeted at Adara/Gbagyi/Hausa and Fulani communities  following the recent crisis resulting in the loss of lives and destruction of property.

He spoke on the importance of forgiveness among members of the community and also tasked youth in the area to be law abiding .

“We came as a team of Muslim and Christian clerics to spread the message of peace and unity to all residents in the area including woman and children on the importance of peace,,”

Buru pointed out that  Both Qur’an and Bible preach  peace and unity, adding  that both Islam and Christianity teach their followers how to live in peace with neighbours in order to have sustainable  peace

“Remember we all are from one family Adam and Eve, we believe in one God,we all believe in Holy bible and Qur’an,, we are brothers and sisters, so therefore we must learn how to live in peace and unity among us”

“Our Holy scriptures guide us on how to accommodate each one,and be our neighbours best friends”

We must be united, so as to shun the evil that are generating crisis from one place to another”

He called on youth to shun all forms of ethno-religious, communal & political violence that have contributed in bringing the region backward for many years.

Pastor Buru appealed to residents in the area to embrace peace and unity while calling on religious and community leaders to redouble their efforts in praying for peace and unity of the country.

Buru noted that southern part of kaduna State, in the past years has experienced many crisis which have affected the region in many ways,

He then called on every stake holder in the region to support both the state and federal governments in promoting peace and tolerance

Responding, John Peter a resident in the area, thanked the team for visiting the community,

He called on NGOs/CSOs and other stake holders to be organising workshops on peace building for both youth and other residents in communities to promote better understanding

Members of the team pledged their Commitment to promoting peace and unity among Nigerians.

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