Group to Provide Free Legal Services For Vulnerables On Human Right Abuses in Nigeria

Map of Nigeria

Map of Nigeria

A group “Stop the Abuse Foundation” says it has taken upon itself to intervene in cases of human right abuses against women and children by providing free legal services for them at various legal clinics.

Convener of the group, Barr.Taiwo Ndidi Taiwo-Ojo, stated this yesterday in a telephone interview with AFRICA PRIME NEWS.

Barr. Taiwo-Ojo stated that the reason she has volunteered to render such services to these categories of people was because of their vulnerability in the society.

According to her, “Talking about what the foundation could do to assist the members of the society; we have taken upon ourselves to raise awareness and sensitization of human right and the laws that protect child abuse in the country.”

She asserted that human rights abuse, especially against women and children across the country has become prevalence in recent time, hence the need for assistance by individuals and corporate organisations in Nigeria and the world at large.

Barr. Taiwo-Ojo, also revealed that the organisation was making frantic efforts to provide interim housing for domestically abused victims pending when they found their feet back into the society.

The convener of “Stop the Abuse Foundation” said, “We intend to provide temporary shelter for domestically abused victims until they found their feet back into the society.”

“We are also organizing economic empowerment and skills acquisition programmes for victims and we have approached some co-corporate organisations for free scholarship programmes for victims who are desirous of going back to school” she said.

Barr. Taiwo-Ojo advised that government should fund public schools properly to enable them compete favourably with private schools, saying that the gap between public and private schools in the country remain very wide.

She averred that if something seriously was done about the public schools across the country, it would go a long way to reduce the rate of school drop out in the country.

“Our society’s celebration of wealth and the questionable avarice for material wealth by individuals have also made a lot of youths to drop out of schools and begin to look for a way to make it either by hook or crook” she said.


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