DRC: Mixed Reactions Trail Release Of Former VP Jean-Pierre Bemba By ICC

VP Bemba

Former Vice President of Democratic Republic of Congo, Jean Pierre Bemba, facing ICC judgement (Photo Credit: ICC Image)


By Esdrass Tsongo

There were mixed reactions in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) after the judgement by International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday, which acquitted former Vice President Jean-Pierre Bemba of war crimes commitment by forces under his command in Central African Republic.

In 2016 he was found guilty and sentenced to 8 years in prison, but appealed the ruling, which now granted him freedom.

Messages of joy and anger circulated in major cities of the country – some in support and others against the court’s decision

In an exclusive interview with AFRICA PRIME NEWS, a Professor of Judicial Law at Butembo Official University, Kakule KIMOTI, who was against the judgement said, “The release of Jean-Pierre Bemba really surprised me, and I think it is politicised. situation is really incomprehensible, I myself do not understand how the appeal chamber of the International Criminal Court can act under electoral emotion and make such a decision.

“Thus, say that, if the sentence in prison of the former vice President of the DRC was reduced, I would understand, but going directly to the so-called temporary release was not a solution for this case. “

“This release makes us lose faith in the criminal court, and maybe it’s politicized because of the upcoming elections on December 23, 2018,” he said.

Also reacting, Amuli Angalikijana, expressed joy with the decision, saying, “We are very happy to receive the news of Jean-Pierre Bemba. This will help us in our continued fight against the third term mandate being sought by Joseph Kabila [the incumbent president].

“Jean-Pierre Bemba is a political leader, he will do it because he was militant,” he said.

The Mouvement de liberation du Congo (MLC), political party of which he is president will hold its congress in July to choose and confirm or not if Jean-Pierre Bemba will run for presidential elections.

Some students who spoke with AFRICA PRIME NEWS expressed optimism that his presence will ‘change the game’ in the current political class.


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