Bangladesh Outlaws Controversial Test To Assess Rape Victims

courtA Bangladeshi court on Thursday banned a controversial physical examination conducted on women and girls to determine rape cases as rights groups say the method re-traumatises the victims.

“A two-judge panel of the High Court outlawed the so-called “two-finger test” to settle a petition filed five years ago by a group of rights organisations seeking an end to the humiliating physical examination of rape victims,’’ Sharmin Akther, a lawyer who defended the petition, said.

Akther added the court agreed with the petitioners that the test neither has any evidential value in the court nor has scientific merit in examining the victims.

The petitioners argued the practice of conducting a “two finger test” results in violations of the physical and mental integrity or dignity of women and girls subjected to rape.

They also argued of the women’s rights to be free from cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment as guaranteed by the Bangladeshi constitution.

Report says the “two-finger test” allows a doctor to insert the index and the middle fingers inside the vagina of an alleged rape victim to find whether her hymen is intact or not, apparently to assess the allegation.

Bangladesh 2017 drafted a new guideline to safeguard dignity of the girls and women falling victim of rape after a court in 2013, responding to the petition by the rights groups, asked the authorities to explain why the “two-finger test” would not be declared illegal.

“On Thursday, the court also asked the authorities to follow scientific procedures in assessing rape victims,’’ Akther said.


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