200 Hikers Attend Jos Carnival Mountaineering – Official

Jos festival
Jos Carnival, held April 2016


Over 200 hikers from Jos, Abuja and environs have participated in the recently held Jos Carnival Mountaineering/hiking, says Chairperson of the Organising Committee, Nanna Yakubu.

The competition was to promote the unique mountain range and rock formations nature bestowed on Plateau, to tourists and mountain climbers.

The theme for the hike was “Hike for Peace.

“We had Jos residents, groups like the Abuja adventure seekers, Jos Hikers and other local groups among others as participants of the Saturday event,“ Mrs. Yakubu said.

She added that, “this tourism activity provides so many economic benefits to many Plateau communities, the local restaurants, local bars and craft shops among many others experienced boost in their sales.

“Hiking is an affordable form of recreation for both young and old, in addition to the health and mental fitness that come with hiking to enhance productivity,“ he said.

Also speaking, Plateau Commissioner for Tourism, Culture and Hospitality, Tamawal Weli, said the event was part of efforts to re-position the tourism sector and promote mountaineering as well as hiking, a sporting activity.

“This annual event exposes the highly mountainous areas of Plateau for further development to attract local and international tourists, thus, more internally generated revenue for development projects,“ she said.

Mr Joseph Babade, the coordinator of the Abuja fun seekers club said, the club came with 25 members to explore the natural endowment of the Plateau.

“Plateau is unique because of its hospitable people, weather and its mountainous areas, we urge them to ensure this event is sustained, “ he said.

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