Nigeria Lacks Functional Institutions To Promote Good Governance, Says Enterpreneuiral Motivator

NUJ Kaduna Chair and Business Sch. DG
NUJ Kaduna Council Chairman, Adamu Yusuf (L), and Director General, Paramount. Business School, Abuja, Musa Abdulazeez (R)


By Joseph Edegbo

Kaduna (Nigeria) – Traditional Institutions, religious leaders, politicians, CSOs and Captains of industry have been urged take up the challenge of fixing the country at various levels.

The practice of blaming those in government for what they have not done for the people instead of working hard to enthrone the values of good governance is a retrogressive one.

The Director General, Paramount. Business School, Abuja, Musa Abdulazeez

made the assertion in Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria during a courtesy visit to the State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists.

Abdulazeez who went down the memory lane noted that fixing an ailing economy could be difficult in a democracy like Nigeria, hence the need for all hands to be on deck for solution to come.

He Stated that the task of providing jobs for the idle hands of the youths, restoration of the lost moral values and bridging the wide gap between the rich and the poor across the country is a task for every Nigerian.

Abdulazeez was optimistic that practical and measurable results could be achieved within the shortest possible time if Nigerians collectively embarked on coming together as a people.

Nigerians, he noted, are too disenchanted and segregated along tribal, geopolitical and religious lines, while those in political leadership are speaking for governments in every matter that affect the people’s collectively responsibilities.

“We must see ourselves as one first before taking a second look at some of the differences whenever the need arises for positive reasons. We all need one another in many ways. Without the South there won’t be Northern Nigeria and without the North, there won’t be Southern Nigeria. Prosperity and wealth can never be built in an atmosphere of conflict and hatred ” he emphasised.

Abdulazeez who used the visit to Kick start his project, street campaign on Wealth Creation and Feed the Nation in Nigeria wondered why Nigerians are not curious as a people the way other nations across the globe flood Nigerian markets with their goods and manufactured hardware.

The Entrepreneurial Motivator who attributed the rising unemployment in Nigeria to the country’s over dependence on foreign goods enjoined Nigerians to change and start developing products that they can proudly call their own in the global arena having been naturally endowed with crude oil and unprocessed agricultural products.

“What are we giving back to others in exchange for what they are giving to us in the name of Importation of Creative goods and manufactured products? Are we not capable of doing certain things for ourselves without resorting to importing them into the country?

Answers to the above questions are meant for Nigerians from various background to provide since the challenge of the present youth unemployment is a general challenge to all and sundry,” he emphasised.

The commencement of the Wealth Creation and Feed the Nation in Nigeria campaign featured the crowning of the Kaduna State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, Comrade Adamu Yusuf as the Ambassador of Wealth Creation.


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