Nigeria 2019 Election: Race To Kaduna Govt House, Dr Mohammed Sani Bello To Whom The Cap Fits

Sani Bello
PDP Gubernatorial Candidate in Kaduna State, Sani Bello
By Jude Stanley
Abuja (Nigeria) – Goldfish has no hiding place and this can be likened to Dr. Mohammed Sani Bello (Mainan Zazzau) who is always called Man of the people, Advocate of peace, is eyeing Sir Kasim Ibrahim House, Kaduna, the seat of Power.

An emerging political gladiator appearing as a shining star on the political scene of Kaduna state, Northwest Nigeria, Mohammed Bello anchors his clarion call by the people of Kaduna State on his strong conviction that leadership also comes from people desirous of change.

The people of Kaduna State are yearning for change to change the Change by a fresh face with new ideas and track records of commitment to the masses.

Mohammed Sani Bello is offering himself to diligently serve the State to bring his experience as a leader, an advocate, banker, mobiliser, development partner and administrator.

From his student’s days to working career in private and public sectors, Mohammed Bello has risen to national and international prominence in various positions.

His major asset is that he considers himself as one of the people, feels their pains and shares their worries.

As Governor of Kaduna State, come 2019, Mohammed Sani Bello, the Mainan Zazzau promises radical changes to genuinely unite the people and free them from incompetence, cluelessness and give the State a sense of belonging.

To answer the clarion call, Mohammed Sani Bello has to forego his sub-regional assignment as Financial Controller, Economic Commission for West African States, ECOWAS, to put to use his resource and intellectual acumen to restore the lost glory of Kaduna State.

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