Nigerian Butchers To Government: Modernize Abattoirs To International Standards

Map of Nigeria showing Kaduna State

By Amos Tauna

Kaduna (Nigerian)- Butchers Association, has stressed the urgent need by government at all levels to ensure that abattoirs all over the country are modernized to meet international standards.

Kaduna State chairman and Northwest Coordinator of the Association, Ayuba Ibrahim Garati told newsmen in Kaduna that Nigerian abattoirs are nothing to write home about compared to what is obtainable in other parts of the world.

“When we visited an abattoir in Turkey while on tour, you will think you are going into the government House not until when we went inside that l later discovered it was an abattoir.

“We went to other countries in Africa and we discovered that we are totally left behind in spite of the contribution butchers are making to the economic development of the country.”

“In Nigeria, the abattoirs are not of standard and the way meat is being carried on machines and wheel barrows is an indication that we are completely left behind in the business.

“In other countries before an animal is slaughtered, health personnel have to ascertain its fitness and is satisfied for consumption before it is slaughtered but here in Nigeria most animals are slaughtered without following the laid down procedures.”

He explained that if the abattoirs are standardized, more revenue would be collected, stressing that it
will go a long way in the development of the country.
The chairman noted that in their annual meeting that took place in Edo State, issues raised would be tabled before the government with a view to ensuring that butchers activities in the country were strictly adhered  to for a better working environment for them nationwide.

He explained that the issue of slaughtering of Donkeys was extensively discussed at the meeting, adding that states like Kaduna and Nasarawa Where the practice is becoming the order of the day should be discouraged.

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