Christian Association of Nigeria Gombe Endorses Rev. Mbaka’s Prediction On Gov. Dankwambo

By Ahmad Umar

Gombe (Nigeria) – Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Gombe, northeast of the country has expressed delight at Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka’s prediction on Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo of  becoming Nigeria’s President come 2019.

The state chairman of the Association, Reverend Ibrahim Jodi, who gave the nod while speaking at Government House Gombe on Saturday, condemned the doubting Thomases.

Jodi said as believers in the word, they have accepted and rejoiced with Mbaka’s prediction, adding that only those who did not know the value of an anointed man of God” could denounce the prediction as false.

“God revealed His message for the federal government to Reverend Mbaka that incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari would not be re-elected in 2019 and that you (Dankwambo) are better suited to take over from him.

“Now we are reading this report of ‘someone’ who has the effrontery to denounce the message of God as conveyed by the pastor, someone that is neither a cleric or knows the value of the anointed man of God.

“We will pray earnestly against people like that who do not mean well for Gombe State,” he said.

Rev Fr. Mbaka who predicted President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in 2015 recently endorsed Dankwambo for President in 2019. The preacher also claimed that the Lord has told him to advice Buhari not to seek a second term.

“If Mr. President, Buhari will not continue, if you go to Gombe, it was a rural state, the present Governor there, Ibrahim Hassan, has turned that place into almost an ultra-modern city and that man was a former accountant general of the country. If you go to Gombe, you won’t know Gombe again; why can’t such a person come out; I don’t know the party he is in; and he is still a young man; in his early 50s, whether in PDP or APC I don’t know but whoever is doing that kind of magic in Gombe can handle Nigeria. A man who did PhD in accountancy, chartered in marketing, chartered in accountancy, a lot of things, a guru, we need somebody with such aura.

“And the Gombe people will tell you, he does not discriminate between Muslims and Christians, he is shielding even Christians there. Some pastors he gave them land, gave land for churches. I am not campaigning for him, but I am talking about somebody who can lead us forward, somebody with vision, with agenda, to change Nigeria is not difficult; wherever such a person is, let his party make him available for Nigerians to see it.

However, in a widely circulated opinion article recently published in the media, one of those doubting the prediction  Mohammed Jibrin Barde denounced Mbaka’s revelation on Dankwambo as “way off the mark” as well as a “fantasy”.

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