Muslims Across Northern Nigeria Join Christians At Church Service In Kaduna To Mark Christmas 

By Joseph Edegbo

Kaduna (Nigeria) – The convergence is aimed at promoting peaceful co-existence  and religious tolerance for better understanding among adherence of the two religions.

Pastor Yohanna Buru, the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical and Life Intercessory Ministry , Sabon tasha-Kaduna , north-western Nigeria  expressed  gratitude for the  large turn out of women Muslims and children.

Buru  noted that the number of Muslims coming to attend Christmas service was  increasing year-by-year as a result of  better understanding and religious tolerance, pointing out that it was really unbelievable to have such a large numbers of Muslims youth ,top Islamic scholars, traditional title holders and various associations on peace building  from 19 northern states of Nigeria who joined us in this  prayers.

“This is a clear fact that Nigerians can really be their brothers keepers”.

Buru added that  “we must remember that we are from one family, because Adams and eve were our original Biological parents, we all   have our holy scriptures “Bible and Qur’an “and we also believed in paradise and hell fire ,therefore, we must be our brothers keepers, to live in peace and harmony

Buru therefore  called on both Muslims and Christians to always promote peace building, so as to end all forms of ethno-religious and political crisis bedeviling ,especially,  the northern region of Nigeria

In his own Remark ,shieck Halliru Marayu who  is one the Islamic scholars in Kaduna  says, Nigerian must team-up and unite the country

Sheikh Maraya further stressed the importance of forgiveness among Nigerians ,while urging Christians to use the lessons learnt from Jesus Christ to live in peace and harmony with everybody.

Maraya added that “Any Muslim that doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ is not a complete muslim while calling on Government at all levels to immensely allow Nigerians To  practice their religions unhindered .

Sheick Rabiu Abdullahi Funtua is the team leader of Muslims youth from Katsina state,who pointed out that ,’”we must join the Christians in the celebration of the Christmas because every muslim believes in jesus Christ,,we must join them because they are our neighbours,

“We have mobilised over 150 Muslims from katsina in order to join kaduna muslims in this celebration,” , he said.

Rabiu further said “, Pastor Yohanna Buru had  come to our state for Maulud celebration with us Muslims, therefore we also have to come to kaduna to join him in the celebration of Christmas “which is the birth of Jesus Christ”

Alaramma Abdulrahman Mohammad Bichi from Kano state, who also led a team of Muslims to Kaduna for Christmas celebration says “we are Using the Christmas celebration for uniting Nigeria, and promoting peace and unity”

“Muslims and Christians are brothers, therefore we must join our Christians brothers to promote peace and unity, so as to make Nigeria great”.

Shu’aibu Musa is the representative of Islamic Movement of Nigeria,who said that in each and every year we always  participate  in Christmas festivity, so to to promote religious tolerance and to promote peace and unity among Nigerians

Shu’aibu then called  on Nigerian Muslim and Christian leaders to support them in the campaign toward releasing  their leaders sheikh Ibrahim Yakubu Elzazzaki

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