Nigeria: Southern Kaduna Indigenes In The Diaspora Eulogize Late Prof. Nok, Condole El-Rufa’i

By Amos Tauna

Kaduna (Nigeria) — Southern Kaduna indigenes resident in the United States of America (USA), have lauded the life achievements of late Professor Jonathan Andrew Nok who died on the 21st November, 2017 in Kaduna, saying he was a prodigious scientist who lived a humbled live.

Operating as Southern Kaduna in the Diaspora and made up of accomplished academics, the body paid the tributes in two separate letters of condolence to Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna state and Wife of the late renowned Scientist, Mrs Andrew Nok.

The letter written to Governor El- Rufa’i reads: “In the early hours of November 21, 2017, SOKAD received the news of the sudden and unexpected death of J.A. Nok. We are deeply shocked and saddened by the premature loss of a great man in his prime.

“Prof Nok was a rare gift to humanity as evidenced by his great accomplishments as an Educator, Scientist and Researcher. His seminal work that elucidated the enzymology and biochemical basis for sleeping sickness was a great academic feat in which Nigeria honored him in several ways.

“He went further to develop a candidate vaccine to immunize against the causative agent of the disease, in what is recognized as one of the greatest developments in Tropical Medicine in recent times. Though a giant in the scientific world, Professor Nok did not forget his humble beginning and remained a meek and humble man to his last day on Earth.

“His contributions to revamping the health system of our State when he was Kaduna State Commissioner of Health, and the agenda he has put in place to reform education as  Commissioner of Education, Science and Technology, is testimony to his love of Kaduna State and the common man.

“His presence in your administration gave hope to the marginalized people of Southern Kaduna; we hope his legacy remain in the collective memories of your government and the state.

“On behalf of SOKAD, we extend our deep, sincere and heartfelt condolences to you and the good people of Kaduna State. His loss has created a big vacuum that will be difficult to fill.  We pray that the Lord will grant the government and the people of our State the fortitude to bear this immense loss.”

And to the wife of the Professor, SOKAD writes: “We received the sad news of your husband’s call to glory with shock, more so as this was sudden and unexpected.

“Your husband was a good man; he was God’s gift to humanity.

“Many of us were privileged to have known him personally and his great accomplishments as an Educator, a brilliant Scientist and Researcher.  His life’s work has led to many discoveries that will positively impact the lives of many people around the world.  In that regard, he will continue to live in the lives and memories of those that will benefit by his work.

“On behalf of the people of southern Kaduna in the United States  we are profoundly sorry to hear about the loss of your dear  husband.

“We pray for the Lord to grant him eternal rest and to strengthen your family and give you the fortitude to bear this great loss.”

The letters were signed by Dr. Freeman Kamuru, Mrs.  D Ngbozi and Mr. S John President, Secretary – General and Secretary respectively.

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