Entertainment Shows More Accepted In Ibadan Than In Lagos – Agboola Idris

Agboola Idris is the event coordinator and a Public Relation Associate of Best Buy Made-In-Naija, a trade fair and exhibition show, packaged by Colour world event and tours. In this chat with Alli Abiola, Idris expounds the much anticipated Trade fair and exhibition show, the reason behind the choice of Ibadan, Oyo state as the location, the influence of technology in the events and entertainment industry amongst other general issues. Excerpt below:

Why has Colour World Event and Tours (COWET) decided to have a Trade fair and exhibition show in Ibadan at this time?

Colour World Event and Tours is a brand known for its unique values. After serious of surveys and evaluation, we realized there are loads and lots of potentials in the city of Ibadan and all we need to do is – create a platform and an enabling environment.

Something unique must have inspired this, is it the economy, the entertainment industry or something more?

There is the urgent need for everyone to do something about the economic state of our dear nation. We can only improve our economy by growing the naira and (then) this is possible by promoting Made in Nigeria products and items, which explains why the theme for this trade fair is – Best Buy Made in Naija.

From your serious preparations, a successful trade fair can be predicted even ahead of time. What happens thereafter?

After this trade fair, we hope to ensure that this initiative is repeated every year and also carried out in other cities, starting with the South-West region of Nigeria.

You are a veteran in the industry, what would you say is the most challenging part of putting together an event? And what are the key elements of a successful business event?

Putting an event together is a very serious and tedious job; especially in a town not so familiar with things like this. But with good and focused team members at COWET, it’s been perfect and so far so good, the response has been encouraging. If you wish to organize a successful event, you must first be determined and focused.

There must also be a proper and detailed analysis of the event, then a good understanding of the environment. Good teamwork and With God, all things are possible.

In the business of Event and Tour, where do you think technology stands and what are your prediction about the industry in the next 5 years?

Technology has been of tremendous help and added so much value to the business of Events and Tours. I’ll give you a typical example. Many years ago, people travel to an office just to pick forms and fill, but technology has made it possible for anyone to fill any form online – even you make payments online. In the arrangement of tours, you can monitor your clients comfort without having to be with them wherever they are.

Five years from now, I believe technology would have helped reduced manpower and stress. Though it has a major disadvantage – this will mean that – so many people will lose their jobs as machines will now do the jobs made for men.

How do you rate entertainment shows and its acceptance in Ibadan?

I can categorically tell you that the acceptance of entertainment shows in Ibadan as we speak is more than that of Lagos. I know many people will doubt that. I will give you an instance. The Easter Collaboration Show recently organized at Ibadan International Conference Center that brought Olamide and other contemporary artistes to Ibadan; the ticket was sold out before the event and that was the same day AY Live was been organized in Lagos. Another truth is that you spend less in organizing a show in Ibadan compared to Lagos and you make more profit here in Ibadan than you will in Lagos- offering the same, even better services.

How has Colour World Event and Tours (COWET) remained a well-respected player in the event industry? What has brought you this far?

At Colour World Event and Tours, we have a very vibrant C.E.O who values standard and she ensures that everything and anything handled by the company is done with finesse and its done perfectly. Then, dedication, hard work, and commitment from every member of COWET family has brought the company this far.

How do you measure the success of your events and what lays ahead for AGBOOLA IDRIS (and the brand – COWET)?

The success of this event matters a lot on the numbers of vendors we have on our stands to display their goods and also the turnout of buyers to buy from them. The sellers have to be happy for making good sales and the buyers to be very happy too for making best buy and we hope this help our people to also see that made in Nigeria products are also of good quality.

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