Nigeria: Evangelical Church Winning All, ECWA, charges Youths On Godly Living

By Winifred Bulus

The Evangelical Church Winning All, ECWA, Kaduna South District Youth Council, DYC, in Kaduna State northwest Nigeria has called on youths for a godly living in a godless generation.

Speaking on ECWA theme, ‘A generation without God,’ in a 3-day DYC Conference, Reverend Gideon Kantiyok, drew the attention of the youths to the current evil and wickedness going on in the world and challenged them to restrain from ungodly activities.

“The role of watching and praying cannot be over emphasised. Exercise care, caution and restraint in this perverse generation without God Communicating with God and waiting for response from him is the only way out of the unpleasant situation in the world.

“Our generation will not know God, unless we are prayerful. May the Lord help us to be watchful in this generation that does not know God we must never allow this generation influence us negatively,” he challenged the youths.

Also Reverend Micah Alkali called on the youths to divorce wickedness, hatred, backbiting, and seek for a new heart from God.

He observed, “When a man who knows God turns away from Him, he falls and becomes an object of shame and ridicule. Forfeiting God’s grace and becoming prey to satan, the enemy is the worst thing that could happen to a child of God.

“Godliness is inexcusable. Take the Christian race seriously and forsake worldly pleasure that is only temporal.

“The disdain, disregard, lack of love faced by God’s children will come to an end one day. Fear, doubt, defeat, failure will make you amount to nothing. Forget the past and focus on the future, for it is what matters the most. If godliness is not transmitted to the next generation, the next generation will be lost.”

Some parents expressed their concern in the atrocities carried out by the young generation.

“Purity is the key to a bright future. Youths have been lost to the desires of the world. My expectation for the youths after the conference is that we see changes in their lifestyle, attitude and behaviour.

“As a young man or woman, understanding God’s word helps you plan for a better future and prevents youths from getting carried away by peer pressures: setting them up high above their peers.

“This generation is lost in the darkness of sin. Youths engaged in ungodly activities such as smoking and drinking. Some of them have rejected education for waywardness and careless living.

“My desire is that this generation will go back to God and truly seek him. They also need to be contented with what they have and have regard for God and their parents,” they reiterated.

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