Pro- Buhari Groups Hold ‘I Stand With Buhari’ Campaign In Kaduna

By Longtong Ibrahim

Kaduna (Nigeria) – Supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari, under the umbrella of ‘coalition for Buhari’ and some youth groups in Kaduna on Thursday voiced out their support for the current policies and programs of the President.

The Youths who were drawn from different youth groups converged at the Murtala Mohammed Square for the pro-Buhari rally, while the coalition group brief the press on why it is standing with Buhari at the secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Kaduna state Council.

President Buhari has been away from the country for over three weeks on vacation and medical checkup to London, his date of return isn’t specific – that has created lots of speculations and mixed reactions among Nigerians, leading to various rallies; the recent was the one organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress on hardships faced by Nigerians.

On the essence of the ‘I stand For Buhari’ campaign, Leader of the Coalition, Zuwaira Sani Bakori, explained that they were speaking out because of the burden of integrity.

According to her, “We are here because we must stand up for Nigeria by standing up for President Buhari. We owe Nigeria and Nigerians a voice for a nation that is gradually breaking away from a terrible past. The days of wastages, leakages and impunity are fading away. But it will not fade easily because it has created vultures and monsters who enjoy the bleeding of Nigeria to death by mob rape.

“We are hearing their voices loud and clear, and they are claiming to speak for Nigeria. They are recruiting the sentiments of gullible Nigerians to blame President Buhari for the outcome of their sustained damages.

“They will not go down easily. They will bring all the alternative narration against. Mr. President. They were not vocal when their voices should have been loudest. They kept quiet and supported the draining of our treasury. Those who claimed Chibok girls were not abducted, or Boko haram never even existed.

“Those who made political opportunity and economic capital at the cost of human lives wasted in the North eastern region, especially. Those who are yet to recover from the hangover of the 2015 general elections; Those who cannot come to terms with the gradual decapitation of insurgency and the fight against corruption; Those who choose to ignore the gradual reversal of our systemic decay and cannot affirm change. Those who will look the other way as our economy is increasingly diversified and our critical infrastructures are being rehabilitated and expanded. Those who want to mislead Nigerians by twisting the narrative,” she said.

While calling for a push of legal reforms that would completely eradicate corruption, she tasked the national assembly to immediately pass the Anti corruption Act, the Whistleblower Protection Act, and strengthen all other enabling laws in support of the president’s fight against corruption and in the overall restoration of the nation’s glory.

She further noted that Buhari’s administration was able to put a stop to the diversion of billions of dollars signature bonus by allotters of oil blocs, while the economy is being diversified, budget padding is no longer an easy ride, with a great effort to recover the economy from recession.

“Are they happy that TSA has raked in NS.2 Trillion and the country has been saved over N3 trillion from rehabilitation of NNPC and removal of fuel subsidy?

“Are they unsettled that, this administration has increased the reserve to over $30 billion after it was massively depleted by the past government?

“Will they be humble to admit that, the journey to recession was initiated long ago and we are already on a journey to economic recovery?”She questioned.

She however urged Nigerians to pray for the quick recovering of the president, noting that, the country is at its threshold of getting back on track.

Another member of the coalition, Balarabe Sa’id, while responding to question from Journalists, explained that the group is a coalition of several groups that believe in Buhari’s leadership, ranging from Academia and Lawyers among others.

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