A Big Thank You To 2Baba

By Emini Memo

On the 25th day of January 2017 2baba came out boldly that he is going to lead a peaceful protest on the 5th of February 2017. A lot was said against him though some supported him, a lot of tensions were raised and the pressure was increasing by the day.

An OAU professor, Prof Akindele Akintoye blasted 2baba even though he realized his mistake and apologized. Blackface dissed him, Femi Kuti antagonised the protest claiming it was not 2baba’s idea that some people were behind it.

Some said he has been paid, even if he is being paid, are you jealous of his pay? Why didn’t those that pay him come to you to raise a voice and pay you too?

Don’t be jealous……… You hear? Some said the protest was sponsored.

If the peaceful protest was sponsored at least it was for the right reasons, a peaceful protest to speak out to the government, express our feelings and hardships and make our voices heard. Is there a big deal if such a protest is sponsored? After all boko haram for all the wrong reasons are sponsored.

The Nigerian police did not support the protest for unreasonable reasons known to them and statements from the Presidential office disapproved the protest. There’s no food, no water and no light, we want to protest they say we have no right. May God help us.

The reality is that 2baba raised a motion when everybody was sleeping, we were all suffering and smiling even his accusers and prosecutors were all affected directly or indirectly, but we were all trying to adapt and get used to the economic crisis. None of us could stand up and talk, none of us could sparehead a struggle, everybody was simply minding his/her business.

I swear we are really missing the services of the late AbdulGaniyu Oyesola Fawehinmi, a great activist, the man of the people, always ready to fight for justice and the masses. Not like the so called opposition that we thought they were activists, the Lai Mohammeds, the Oshiomoles, Femi Falanas, Tunde Bakares, Raji Fashola, Tinubu etc.

Imagine that things were like this during the PDP regime, don’t you think the people I mentioned above would have protested? They would. And to those who are saying protest is not a solution, I agree but it is a step in the right direction and if you want to know more go and ask those I mentioned above why they have been protesting against some policies before THEY got to power.

Some people called 2baba an illiterate, they seemed right, but according to my dictionary an illiterate is someone that cannot read or write and remember that he has written and sang a lot of songs, he has his ‘o level’ which he used to gain admission into the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu whereby our honourable President is still looking for his WAEC certificate. Who is the illiterate? Be the judge.

The so called graduates are out there jobless without even one percent of 2Baba’s Achievements.

2baba’s proposed protest was an eye opener, it was a reminder that reminded us of what we should have done. He reminded us that those we thought were our activists were purely opposition and maybe more activists are seriously needed.

2baba eventually backed out of the protest for reasons best known to him, but he deserves our credit, in fact every Nigerian owe him that. Special credits to the (EiE) Enough is Enough, Charly boy, Seyi Law, Sowore and every Nigerian that was involved in the protest held in Lagos, Abuja and in London. Even the NLC organised protest too.

If others are criticising you, some of us will still say A BIG THANK YOU TO 2BABA, the man that opened our eyes, the man that showed us the way and reminded us of a step we should have taken long ago to a government that has failed us woefully, a government we voted for not knowing that it is pains and hardship that they will be noted for.

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU TO 2BABA, the man that woke us from our slumber and rekindled the fire in our bones, you are the catalyst, our stimulant and impetus.

Any protest held on the 5th of February and the subsequent ones will all be traced to your giant stride.

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