Sudan: Minister Condemns Hatred Campaign Against Sudanese Christians

… after Extremists Calls for Boycott of Christmas Celebration

Christian worshipers in a Sudan Church

Sudanese Minister of religious affairs on Wednesday condemned hatred campaigns by extremists Islamists groups calling to boycott Christmas celebrations and other Christian events, while reiterating his support to religious coexistence in the east African nation.

During the celebrations of Christmas by the Sudanese Catholic and Coptic Churches, Sudan Tribune reported that, radical Islamists plastered the walls of several churches with flyers calling on Muslim to boycott the celebrations and to not pay visits or to congratulate them.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Minister of (religious) Guidance and Waqf Amar Mirghani Hussein said he had received complaints from Christian religious leaders and clerics about flyers plastered on the wall of their churches, calling on Muslims to boycott their festivals.

“Islam does not forbid congratulating non-Muslims, especially Christians, on their religious occasions,” Hussein said pointing to “the multiple fatwas (Islamic ruling) on this respect that stress the need to communicate with all religions, sects and groups” he added according to the statement.

The minister further called to promote peaceful coexistence, emphasizing that such hatred posters should not be allowed to stir up divisions and drive a wedge between Sudanese Christians and their fellow citizens.

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