Nigeria: Some Buildings in Kaduna Earmarked For Demolition By Gov. El-Rufai [Photos]

Kaduna state government has already commenced demolition of earmarked buildings in Zaria last week.

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26 Responses to Nigeria: Some Buildings in Kaduna Earmarked For Demolition By Gov. El-Rufai [Photos]

  1. That land belong school authority..

  2. Constitution Road…

  3. My eyes dropped many tears due to what you have done.. You have to remember these people are the one’s that voted you in.

  4. El rufai d destroyer,derisgod

  5. sai mai rusu for the development of our state

  6. liar, tell us which building is this in kaduna that is earmarked for demolition?

    • I don’t think he is lying Shuaib. and if you don’t believe him why not go to constitution road and see the demolition marks on all the buildings some of which he has posted here?

  7. You people were shouting CHANJI DOLE. This is just the genesis, you haven’t see anything yet. Moreover, this is the effect of CHANGE. Mr governor continue redeeming all the government lands in Kaduna State, we are behind you.

  8. Nigerians said they wanted Change. Change has come ~ APC Type!

  9. chanji dole!!! kaduna sai mai rusau.

  10. The Governor is advised to thread softly in his aggressive plans to make developmental changes in the state so as not to unjustly violate the rights of people that he governs. People who have valid titles documents and building approvals should be exempted from the demolition exercise .

  11. He should do it objectively not sentimental sha

  12. I saw the marked buildings myself. It is true that those buildings are bound for demolition in the next 2 weeks all along constitution road.

  13. Adhere to Planning code expect no demoliation

  14. eh woh this giant structure

  15. What will happen to those that sold the land to the present owners of the building? After all, the sellers knows fully well that the land belong to govt.

  16. @ Shuaibu Umar that is Khamsafe Building along constitution road kaduna

  17. That land belong to A.B.S primary school

  18. Sai Mai Rusau

  19. As him dey destroy make im pay de m ooo

  20. i think in my own opinion, instead of demolishing these building , i honestly will suggest that why not collect some sort of levi or tax from the owners of this building annually and give these public schools , which they will use in buying books and renovation of the schools. Instead on spending money to demolish building that has never in any way disturb any body. thereby giving the owners high blood pressure

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