Liberian Schools Reopen Six Months After Ebola Outbreak

Schools have re-opened Monday in Monrovia, capital of Liberia, six months after the West African country was hit by Ebola Viral Disease, EVD.

Reports say students’ temperatures were taken as they entered school premises to check any suspected case of the disease.

The Deputy Education Minister Remses Kumbuyah said more than 5 000 kits have been distributed to schools which included thermometers and chlorine for hand-washing.

The minister also said schools are to avoid overcrowding – keeping class sizes to around 50 instead of 100 or more. That’s in an effort to keep students from touching and potentially spreading the virus.

However, rural schools are left behind and many are delaying reopening.

The Ebola epidemic has left almost four thousand people dead in the West African country.

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